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"I'd been going to chiropractors for years but I'd never seen a difference like this. Finally: permanent pain relief!"
Barbara M.

"People asked me if I'd lost weight, done something different with my hair- one friend even thought I'd gotten breast implants! But all I was doing was standing up straight!" 
Allie D.

"I never thought standing up straight would be more comfortable than slouching, but it's so easy to sit up straight now!"
Ray L.

"The SOAR Method is a crucial part of my exercise regime! I'm able to work harder, better, and longer because of it."
Corinne L.

"The best thing about The SOAR Method is that it improved my sinus headaches! I'd tried just about everything, and certainly didn't think I could cure them with exercises."
-Sarah H.

"I don't know anything about exercise but I know the SOAR Method works! I have more energy and less pain."
Jessica D.

"I'm sleeping better, I have fewer headaches and more energy, and I'm a full inch and a half taller since starting The SOAR Method."
-Karen S.

Dr Beverley Marr

we are meant to be in continuous motion.  Today's lifestyle requires more sitting than ever before.  The SOAR method is a quick, safe, easy and effective exercise program designed to slow down the orthopedic aging process by engaging motion. 

     Dr. Beverley A. Marr graduated from the University of Bridgeport College of Chiropractic and has been practicing since 1995. Since then, she's had the privilege of treating hundreds of patients throughout Connecticut.  She is co-founder of PurePosture, a revolutionary orthopedic device, featured as an innovative new product on The Grommet.

 Dr. Marr originally developed The SOAR Method for Perfect Posture for her equestrian patients in 2006, who require perfect posture and balance to ride effectively. She soon realized, however, that all of her patients could benefit from this 15-minute stretch and strengthening program. After treating her patients with The SOAR Method, Dr. Marr noticed they were healing faster, feeling better and were much less likely to injure themselves in the future.

     Since introducing the SOAR Method to her patients, Dr. Marr brought it to her local community with demonstrations and lectures. After seeing the demand for a program, safe for the neck and back and improved pain, she released The SOAR Method for Perfect Posture on DVD. For more information about the DVD and to purchase a copy, click here.

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The SOAR Method for Perfect Posture