​​​- Developed to maximize         your workout

- Works the stomach, back,     arms, legs

- Organized so each exercise   moves easily to the next set

- Is as easy as you want it to     be or as challenging as you     need it to be

- Alternates between               stretches and strength           training.

- Trains balance and                 coordination

- Easy to learn​

balance        •         agility        •       strength

It is Dr Marr's fervent believe that no one is too old (or too young) to become an athlete.  Being an athlete is a mindset and does not require competition.  

Being an athlete means we challenge ourselves physically and mentally.  And acknowledging the improvements regardless of how small they may be.  

Athletes honor their bodies by treating it with care, fueling it correctly, taking joy feeling fit and always, always keep it moving forward.  

Step out, take a chance, learn a new sport.  Your goal does not have to be going to the Olympics.  It can be as simple as walking around the neighborhood and feeling good about that. 

There is an athlete in every one of us! 

for the athlete in us 

Why Correct Posture is so important 

Q. Is The SOAR Method safe?

A. Yes! We work with people who come to us because they are in pain, so it is imperative the program helps and does no harm! 

Q. Who shouldn't do The SOAR Method?

A. This program is good for almost everyone.  Those with severe vertigo or balance problems should use caution. If a specific exercise in the program causes any pain, back off that one and try the next. People with some medical issues should consult their physician first before trying any new exercise program. 

​Q. Will The SOAR Method help me lose weight?

A.  It was not designed for weight loss.  There is no running, jumping or stair climbing. However, when you move better, it makes all activities easier so in this way it can help trimming the muscles. 

Q. Do I need special equipment?

A.  You will need a Swiss ball and a pair of sneakers (or grippy shoes) so as to have good contact with the floor



Designed by Chiropractor and Posture Expert, Dr. Beverley Marr, The SOAR Method is a 15 minute stretch and strengthen program developed to safely target every major muscle group and joint in the body for a naturally straight spine and healthy posture. 

Benefits of the soar method

The SOAR Method for Perfect Posture


Your body should be in perfect alignment so all parts are carrying their fair share of the load.

Excess load on one area over another causes premature wear and tear. Excess wear and tear leads to arthritis.

Without correct posture the body is unable to maximize your lung capacity. Poor posture, especially while seated, compresses your heart, stomach, liver, pancreas, all of your organs.